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After completing my MBA in 2007, I started Venturcon as a freelance small business consultant.  In the next few years, I met and worked with a number of small business owners, in a wide range of industries from green technology, to women’s shoes, to industrial chemicals, to indoor playgrounds.  However, what was clearly consistent regardless of the business is one thing – money is tight for small business owners.  I knew for a fact that many entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs were forgoing professional business help because they could not afford it, or could not justify the costs.  I thought long and hard about how to go about creating an affordable business planning service for small business entrepreneurs, and the Business Plan Self-Writing Plan is the result.

The self-writing plan transfers the bulk of the writing task to the entrepreneur, but keeps the most essential parts of having a business consultant – the ongoing support and advice, and a professional review of the business plan.  By providing all the tools and the support they need to write their own business plan, entrepreneurs not only save money, but can truly feel a sense of accomplishment and attachment to the business plan they put together.  And by providing professional review of the plan, entrepreneurs can further feel confident that they have produced a professional quality business plan.

While I continue to offer full service consulting, I am extremely excited about the self-writing program, as it makes available professional business planning services to entrepreneurs with even the tightest budgets.  I look forward to working with each and every one of my clients, and I hope to review your plan soon.  Happy business planning!



Joseph Lan, M.A.Sc., MBA, P.Eng, PMP

Joseph holds a Master of Applied Science degree from the University of Toronto in aerospace engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Queen’s School of Business.  His wide breadth of experience includes systems engineering experience in the aerospace/defence and automotive industries as a registered Professional Engineer of Ontario. 

Joseph is a registered Project Management Professional, and specifically trained on risk management with a Certificate in Risk Management from University of Toronto.  As a program manager at a major publicly held company, Joseph has managed and planned multi-million dollar projects, worked with business development on acquiring new and repeat customers, and written business and strategy plans.  Joseph personally has entrepreneurial experience, having previously started his own distributor and direct retail business.

As a freelance consulting operating under the Venturcon brand, Joseph has completed business plans and strategic plans for clients from such diverse businesses from chemical wholesale to online retailing to mergers and acquisitions.

Letter from Venturcon Founder, Joseph Lan

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